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Is money all for the Bollywood Actresses?

Bollywood Actresses: Is money all for all those Bollywood Actresses out there? I mean, they don’t seem to have any hesitaion to do anything just to get some roles in films there by making some money. Sometimes, some of them give some bold statements regarding to acting on the screen with few clothes to none at all. And some of them leak some of their hot pics to the internet just to draw the attention of people. Some of them depend on their relations with male actors to draw some publicity.

Are they adopting the culture of Hollywood Actresses, in showing as much skin as possible. There is one actress, who, though not in demand, gives some statements every now and then that she is ready to act on the screen without wering any dress. Is that because they got used the life style in which they spend money like water, that they find it very hard to live without that kind of life style and are willing to do anything to earn money? They need to think twice before they make some stupid statements and get themselves in a position in which they lose all those morals and ethics.

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