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Bollywood actor John Abraham to insure his bottom

John Abraham

Bollywood Hot Actor John Abraham is said to be looking for some company to insure his bottom for a whopping 10 crore Indian rupees. According to John “Yes, there is an initiative from my side but this is a work in progress. I am meeting various people for this. At this point, I would not like to say more.” If it happens, he is going to be the first person in Bollywood (for that matter in India) to get a certain part of his body insured. But from the laws of insurance policies and various insurance policy companies it may not be so easy to get his body part insured. Even if it happens, as anyone can understand it, it would look more like a entertaining thing than a real insurance policy thing. Even if any company comes forward to accept it, it’s really going to cost some good amount for John in the form of high premium amounts. But since the Bollywood actor seems to have signed up an ad contract deal worth 100 crore rupees recently it’s not going to be a burden for him.

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